INNOVISION Differences

Plum Bow

Generates a super fine entry which greatly reduces slamming and pitching motion producing a smooth ride like no other.

Hydrodynamic Stability Chines (HDSC)

Increased buoyancy in the chines maximises stability at rest with assistance from the flooding keel. When planing in rough conditions the chines create hydrodynamic lift producing a stable ride. Paired with the plum bow, broaching motion is greatly reduced in the most challenging following seas.


Modern unique styling set the boat apart from the rest. Its superior quality is backed up by a 10 year warranty.


With the combination of HDSC and the flood chamber it produces an extremely stable platform while at rest. The super fine entry and HDSC greatly reduces the risk of broaching making a following sea way very safe.

Life Ring – ACTIVE  range (centre console)

An integral buoyancy ring around the top of the hull has been added on the Active range (centre console) which will help prevent the boat from rolling in case you get unfortunately swamped.


We provide a 10 year structural warranty on all of our models.