Innovision boats have been designed to maximise your experience on the water. We have created a unique recreational boat to ensure your enjoyment while on the water. Our boats are ideal for all purposes from fishing to diving to taking the family for day trips.

Extra design and work has been put into the finishing of our boats making them top of the market and stand out from others.

Innvosion boats come in three styles: Explorer (hardtop), Sports (sports top) and Active (centre console) that all come in a range of sizes.

DSCN0700    SM600_Sports - 006    SM600_Centre C - 001

The standout feature of our boats is the plum bow that creates a super fine ‘V’ entry angle. The purpose of this is to reduce the boat from pitching. This combined with its deep ‘V’ transom we have created the smoothest ride. The boat is very dry as the large down turned chine deflects spray. The chines also assist the flood chamber to create a very safe and stable platform when at rest.


Standard features of Innovision Boats have been perfected. The large low-level Portofino transom creates a whole new area that is great for diving, swimming off or even fishing. There are options for a single or dual walk through transom to give  you easy access to an expansive cockpit.



We pride ourselves on the quality and safety of our boats and provide a 10 year structural warranty on all our models.